Closing the gap between patients and clinicians through daily activity tracking

Created for the Royal North Shore Hospital's Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, the Patient Activity Tracker (PAT) can help clinicians build a clearer picture of a patient’s health, which helps to ensure they are given the most appropriate treatment. PAT combines wearable technology with a mobile app, where patients can also send subjective information to the clinician.

ToukanLabs' innovative solution facilitates 24/7 support for patients and collects daily patient activity data. PAT is revolutionising medical research by forwarding the dataset to multiple institutions to correlate, which renews hope of finding preventative measures or an efficient cure for cancer.


PAT's fast and simple interface works on all iOS and Android devices, has fitbit integration, and includes the following features:

  • Continuous monitoring of Patient activity and weight, and provides threshold alerts
  • Supports Patients feedback and provides customised care
  • Provides clinicians with the required datasets to perform analysis
  • High security with End to end encryption of data