Wildlife Trade Permit system

Developed by ToukanLabs, the Wildlife Trade Permit system enables the Department of Environment to regulate the import and export of Australian native and endangered species.

In Australia, the export and import of wildlife and wildlife products is regulated under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.


Permits are required for:

  • imports and exports of internationally endangered species (CITES)
  • exports of native species
  • imports of live plants and animals

Protecting Australia's wildlife

Every year thousands of specimens are exported or imported through relocation, commercial shipments or scientific research. The wildlife system assesses and validates applications. Once an application has been approved, a permit will be generated and Australian Customs are then notified electronically.

As Australia is part of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES), every year the Department of Environment must report on exactly how many specimens are shipped. Using the system's comprehensive reporting tools, data can be presented in a variety of formats including automatically generated government compliance reports, such as the comprehensive CITES report.

Benefits of the system include:

  • Greater transparency - track applications and shipments, providing greater transparency from one centralised system
  • Automated interface - generates permits, records shipments and provides real time interface
  • Increased productivity - less manual processing and reduced processing times
  • Easily adaptable - new business processes and regulations can be quickly implemented
  • Greater flexibility - a streamlined internal interface allows greater flexibility to respond to government legislation changes

The wildlife system has the following features:

  • Comprehensive reporting - reporting tools automatically generate comprehensive government compliance reports
  • Time saving features such as pre-populated applications from previous submissions
  • Configurable application and mail merge templates
  • Extensive search facilities
  • Editable onscreen help guidance
  • Management statistics and reporting
  • Compliance reporting
  • Highly granular access control - role based controls to ensure data transactions can only be accessed by authorised users
  • Extensive auditing - Includes time stamp tracking and full transactional auditing at each stage
  • Standards based - uses industry standards and interface mechanisms e.g. XML and Web Services
  • Graphical workflow tracking - users can see a visualisation of what stage they are up to in the workflow process
  • Integrates with existing departmental services such as SmartForms