Working with the UK and Australian Government

ToukanLabs work extensively with the UK and Australian Government on a wide range of projects – from small systems to world leading cross-government systems. This includes developing and delivering sophisticated applications, tracking and licensing in diverse areas such as Health, Finance and Environment


Multiple organisations use our cross-government systems day-to-day to interact with government bodies including the Department of Health, Finance and Environment.

Joined-up government

Our systems incorporate sophisticated tracking and licensing. This is combined with an intuitive web interface which allows greater transparency between the business and government processes. Together with seamless integration between departments this has brought increased efficiency and productivity across government.

Reducing your environmental impact

ToukanLabs recognise the growing importance of green technology in helping to reduce a business's environmental impact.

We're constantly rethinking and re-evaluating our processes and potential impact on the planet. Sustainability is a core goal in our business – from paperless systems, centralisation and consolidation to technological advances such as virtualisation and cloud computing.

Data Protection

ToukanLabs complies with and takes very seriously the Data Protection Directives and Regulations. The protection of data, be it personal, government or commercially sensitive, is a critical concern for ToukanLabs.

Our systems are independently classified to Government Restricted level and are annually audited and tested (including penetration testing). ToukanLabs employs a comprehensive access control and security system that ensures only authorised users can access data and/or functionality. Secure connections are used to access our systems at all times.

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