Supporting the nationwide approval of pricing and listing of medicines

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) is a key component of the Australian health system, as it helps to provide access to necessary medicines at affordable prices. The system was originally a paper based system making it highly inefficient.

PharmCIS was created for the Department of Health, to support the nationwide approval of pricing and listing of medicines, making it a centralised paperless system, which allows a more streamlined, accessible and efficient processing system of pharmaceutical products in Australia.


  • Extensive price calculator functionality to effectively administer subsidies and complex pricing policy such as Chemotherapy Revised Arrangements and High Cost Drugs
  • Advanced medical product packaging, components, treatment unit modelling and visualisation
  • Integration with NEHTA's Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) derived from the international SNOMED Clinical Terminology
  • Extensive data validation incorporating AMT data, medicine composition and lineage, schedules, restrictions, prescribing rules, subsidies and pricing
  • Incorporation of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification system ensuring alignment with international initiatives such as recommended daily dosage guidelines
  • Extensive auditing- includes timestamp tracking and auditing at each stage
  • Support and tracking for committee and authority meetings, industry liaison and outcomes
  • Standards based- uses industry standards and interface mechanisms such as XML and web services